Hot Food

Our range of microwaveable, black hot food trays and clear lids are available in sizes from 500cc to 2000cc in single or multi-compartment trays. These packaging products provide excellent protection and presentation for all pre-cooked meals and soups. All of our hot food packaging products have been specifically designed to handle the requirements of hot food (microwavable, steam releasing etc.)

Our main hot food ranges are the Marmipack from Guillin and the Fastpack from Sabert.

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The Marmipack range from Guillin provides high-quality, attractive and microwave-proof packaging with options to suit almost all types of hot food. These products are an ideal solution for hot snack retailers, restaurants, hotels etc. Marmipack trays can also be supplied with airtight lids to ensure your hot food remains fresher for longer.

Hot Food Fastpac header


The Sabert Fastpac range has been designed with fast food in mind, providing an ideal solution for foods that need to be microwaved and re-heated. The Fastpac range features ventilated lids which ensure steam gets out so they can be safely microwaved. The steam is also released in a way that does not cool the food. The Fastpac range of hot food containers also features leak-proof lids, they can be easily stacked and they can also be re-used.

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Hot Chicken Domes

We supply dome trays designed specifically for the storage and display of hot chickens. These domes are suitable to microwave and keep your food in optimum condition with guaranteed freshness upon serving.

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The Cookipack range from Guillin Group features boxes suited to hot dishes of any kind. These boxes have been made using polypropylene and are suitable for microwaving. Cookipack boxes are also stackable for dynamic presentation.