Depending on their contents, salads can require different types of packaging (leafy salads, wet salads etc.) At Celtic Sales Company we supply a variety of salad packaging products all sourced from our trusted suppliers. Our salad packaging options are manufactured to the highest industry standards whilst being affordably priced. All packaging products have been designed with food safety and attractive display in mind and we have a large range of sizes and specifications available.

If you have any questions regarding our salad packaging options don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialist team will be able to assist you in choosing the correct products for your requirements.

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Salad Bowls & Containers

We supply a large range of salad bowls and containers which have been designed for the safe storage of your food but are also suitable to present at the table. Hinged lid and separate lid options are available. Our salad bowls and containers are guaranteed leak proof.

Fruit Salad & Dessert Pots

We stock pots designed specifically for the safe storage of fruit salads and desserts. These pots are manufactured using quality materials and are designed to prevent any leakage.

Pulp Containers & Lids

Our pulp containers are ideal for the safe storage and display of all types of salads, with hinged or separate lid options available. Huge range of options available.